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'Oh, what a price to pay... oh, what a way to be...'

Pair Of Rogues is the debut release under the Pete Lyrebird moniker. It's a song-cycle meditation on the theme of ‘roguery’. In this case being one who, either physically or existentially, brings about their own misfortune (and often others) through an obsessive belief in some sublime delusion or conviction. 

These are songs best experienced like lucid dreams, ideally as one reclines in a comfortable chair with the beverage of their choice, deep in the quiet of evening. With it's brooding third person narratives, it carries forth the torch handed to it from the 'Tar Gang'. 


The songs have also been performed as an intimate live show  featuring upcoming songs and highlights from past endeavours. 


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Cover - Photo by Brigid Cara/Jeannie Brown, artwork by Pete Reid, design by Catherine Scobie, playing cards made by Carmen Reid

Pair Of Rogues was recorded over 2016 and 2017 at Hive Studio in Preston (Melbourne). The lead vocal and instruments were recorded live, and the 'prelude' tracks are the product of pure improvisation – an exercise introduced for the sake of bringing more atmosphere and spontaneity to the sessions. The lyrical songs are the product of an intensive writing and development process. In a departure from the overdub focused previous recordings for Pete and the Tar Gang, the core of the EP's performances are live. Although independently released and produced, artist/producer Robbie Rowlands and artist/musician Jeremy Parker acted as advisers to the production.  

It also features performances by guest musicians and ongoing collaborators. These Includes singer-songwriter Steph Brett  (Sugar Fed Leopards, Empat Lima), former Tar Gang violinist Kirri Buchler (Hello Satellites, Vardos Trio), pianist Wayne Joseph Kington, and Addison Hunt on synth.

The songs conjure aural journeys and worlds through the merging of ancient, modern and original musical ideas and forms. Pygmalion depicts a tragic reimagining on the fate of the sculptor from Greek myth. He Eats Money recounts the seemingly hollow but picturesque existence of a man who’s learned to survive by eating piles of money. Framing these tracks are the instrumental preludes... which act as an atmospheric bridge to the lyrical songs. 

Filmed across five wintry days in July 2018 at several Melbourne locations, including the lavish confines of Werribee Mansion. 


A debut on multiple fronts, as well as being a first for Pete Lyrebird it is also a debut for Pete as a filmmaker. It was created with the invaluable guidance of actor/filmmaker John Lloyd Fillingham (Secret River, Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries), and stars Actor/singer Bernard Nolan as the clips protagonist. Artists Jeannie Brown, Dave Berka and Carmen Reid worked as assistants to the production process, props and cinematography.




Pair Of Rogues was launched through a series of Australian live shows in 2018/019. As well as the tracks relevant to the EP, it featured songs from Pete and the Tar Gang, and various tracks from the 'Songs From The Edge' project. Musicians Andrew Shields, Wanyima Wighton, and Anna Benton formed the live ensemble.

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