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Pygmalion looked out the window… 
Up to the softening sky, 
Pygmalion looked down to the waters… 
Above which the gulls flew and cried… 
Pygmalion made a fine statue, 

And that much is very well known 
Pygmalion looked down to the waters, 
And read his reflection as stone… 

Pygmalion, all of those hours 
You spent for your ossified bride 
Pygmalion all of those hours 
Have turned your own self petrified… 

And in the moment he looked in the waters, 
And saw his own self petrified… 
So he remains to this day by the window, 
And behind him his stiffening bride… 

Pygmalion, look at you now! 
And look at your body of stone! 
Oh, what a price to pay… 
Oh, what a way to be. 

Pygmalion became what he made and loved! 
That much may be not so well known… 
And forever he’ll stare out the window… 
And forever his wife like a bone…...

(©Peter Reid)


Every night he opens the door, 
He takes a key and walks upstairs, 
And with this key he opens the door 
To a secret, secret room. 
And when in there he crosses the room, 
To a secret, secret safe. 
He lifts his hand up to the dial, 
And he enters a combination that only he knows! 

And the safe opens its maw, 
It swings its jaw, dumps on the floor, 
A great mass of paper leaves, 
And it closes its jaw back tight. 
And then slowly he lies on the floor, 
Opens his jaw, and like a python he swallows it whole! 

He eats money! He eats money! 
He’s learnt to survive on cash alone. 
Da-da da-da dooo! 

He is rotund, he wears a bowler hat, 
His eyes are empty, his smile’s forgotten. 
He has the tooth of a great white shark, 
In a pocket close to his heart. 
At night he dreams of being a child, 
Who plays in a house that’s set on fire. 
He’s lobbied for planets to bear his name, 
He feels it’s less than what he deserves. 
And he regurgitates any natural meal, 
That he consumes to strike a chord with the people! 

And when he dies he will be frozen, 
So he can come back and live forever - 
And eat money! 
He’ll eat money! 
He eats money! 
He eats money! 
He eats money…!

(©Peter Reid)

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