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Pete is a Melbourne based and Tasmanian born singer-songwriter and actor-director. Across projects in music, performance and film, he explores ideas that plumb the depths of the absurd, surreal, wild, elemental and atmospheric.

His self-penned ‘Tar Pit Projects’ include band Pete and the Tar Gang, (2006 - 2011) various theatrical projects, and current music act Pete Lyrebird (2017 to present).

Singing and making songs began as a side-project for Pete in 2000. This was partly to scratch a persistent creative itch, and partly to satisfy during the less challenging second year of a theatre degree. Over time, the songs evolved in to something of a primary focus, the sound evolving beyond it’s raw narrative-driven origins to also encompass more poetic and melodic sensibilities. At the heart remains a love of shaping words and sounds into evocative journeys and shapes, and the simple joy of directly engaging others with music that can collectively transport all involved to other places, worlds and inner states.

The process of acting has afforded Pete ongoing opportunities to immerse himself within characters, ideas and stories. He has discovered what makes others tick while shining a light on his own inner world and workings, in turn adding inspiration, energy and clarity to his own projects.

Directing has provided Pete a convenient excuse to dive headlong into subjects and themes that have continually fascinated, while also merging his love of music, acting and other artistic mediums in to a unified whole. 

( Photo by Max Milne)

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